If you have a vehicle either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive you have transfer in it. Your transfer case is present near the transmission. The transfer case is the heart of the engine which helps to take power generated by the engine and distributed it to all four wheels. It’s a part that helps you to take a sudden brake on a slippery surface.

Whether you have a 263hd transfer case or an np208 transfer case. It can be dangerous when it comes to driving a vehicle with a bad transfer case. If you spot any bad transfer case symptoms in your vehicle then it’s very important to replace the faulty transfer case sooner rather than later. A new transfer case is quite expensive, but a used transfer case can be affordable and you can easily get it from near junkyards or salvage yards near you. would be very happy to assist you in providing the aftermarket transfer case you need for any performance vehicle. Visit our website or call +1-800-585-2331 our customer service team for more details.

Symptoms of bad transfer case control module

A bad transfer case can damage your transmission so make sure you replace the bad transfer case immediately. There are lots of common symptoms of a bad transfer case 

  • When you heard weird sounds like growling or grinding

  • When its difficult to change the gear shifting

  • Greasy puddle formation under the transfer case

  • When a 4WD pop-up warning light