If you even begin to suspect that your transfer case is going bad, we recommend you do not let it fail. Suppose your transfer case fails while your car is running, it can cause some severe damage to your transmission. In most cases, if your transfer case is having problems, we recommend that you replace it before it’s too late.

Before you even start your search, let’s make sure that what you need is a transfer case replacement and not any other component on the drivetrain. Below we will list a couple of clues that can help you figure out if you are having transfer case problems.

First, check out this list with information that you will need to have on hand in order to complete any purchase of a used auto part online:

  • Basic vehicle information like the year, make, model, trim, and VIN number.
  • Engine information such as cylinders, displacement, capacity, litters.
  • Body/information like the number of doors.
  • Drivetrain information.

Most guides will recommend that you buy from a local salvage yard or repair shop. This is due to the fact that you can check and inspect the product before you buy it when you go local. However, this is not a real solution if you are trying to buy a used transfer case online because it is more convenient to do it from the comfort of your home instead of having to go get muddy and dirty at a local salvage yard.

We recommend you to get the used transfer case you need straight from used-transfercase.com

As one of the biggest recyclers of cars around United States, Used-transfercase is the best option and resource to find used transfer cases online. Not only we have parting out cars down to a science; we also only put the best and highest quality parts on our inventory. If something is slightly damaged, it gets scrapped for metal.

Every part goes through a 4 step quality process. Therefore we can offer a 6-month warranty on all of our parts with a great and responsive customer service experience willing to help you at every step of the buying process.

Instead of going through a middle man, you can get the parts you need straight from the source at Used-transfercase. Make sure to follow the steps in this article, and you will have your car running in no time!